Geisel Marine Surveys and Consultations

Serving the ports of: Richmond, VA, Norfolk, VA, Wilmington, NC and Houston, TX

Richard H. Geisel, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor


At Geisel Marine Investigations, our core expertise lies in conducting comprehensive cargo damage inspections, providing independent evaluations that empower you to:

  • Navigate claims with confidence: Cut through complexity and ensure fair resolution
  • Hold carriers accountable: Unbiased evidence to support your claims
  • Minimize losses & downtime: Swiftly identify damage and optimize recovery
  • Optimize your supply chain: Data-driven insights for improved operations

Beyond cargo damage inspections, our marine investigation services include:

  • Accident investigations: Thorough analysis of marine incidents
  • Damage surveys: Detailed assessments of damage scope
  • Litigation support: Expert testimony and evidence for marine claims
  • Accident reconstruction: Forensic analysis of incidents
  • Fire investigation: Determining cause and origin
  • Appraisals: Expert valuations for marine assets
  • Accredited training: Educational programs for underwriters and adjusters

Our comprehensive services ensure you have the expertise and support needed to navigate complex marine claims and optimize your operations.