Geisel Marine Surveys and Consultations

Serving the ports of: Richmond, VA, Norfolk, VA, Wilmington, NC and Houston, TX

Richard H. Geisel, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor

Other Services

Beyond cargo damage inspections, our marine investigation services include:

  • Accident investigations: Thorough analysis of marine incidents
  • Damage surveys: Detailed assessments of damage scope
  • Litigation support: Expert testimony and evidence for marine claims
  • Accident reconstruction: Forensic analysis of incidents
  • Fire investigation: Determining cause and origin
  • Appraisals: Expert valuations for marine assets

Our comprehensive services ensure you have the expertise and support needed to navigate complex marine claims and optimize your operations.

Cargo Inspections

  • Supervision of delivery, heavy lift and damage survey of Turbine at Alstom Plant Richmond Virginia.
  • Vehicle inspections for container shipment and damage surveys.
  • RO/RO Loading Survey, Spartan Fire Trucks for Chile, Port of Baltimore.
  • Container damage and crating damage survey, synthetic rubber shipment. Port Of Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Material inspection, multiple container survey & loading and weight verification Port of Norfolk, Virginia

Insurance Damage Claims and Investigations
Includes scope of damage, cause and origin, estimate preparation and subrogation services when required.
We also work regularly with Special Investigative Units of insurance companies.

Salvage Supervision and Loss Mitigation